Read by Kevin Barton


Be Faithful

In these last days who among us would take a stand 
And to God be a faithful woman or man.
To do the Father’s every will
Even when we make a spill. 
But when we confess our sins He clears us up
And the love of the Saviour will never stop. 
Your love for the Father is oh so strong
And in His will you can’t go wrong. 
This is for all – father, mother and child 
God will lead you through every mile. 
So let the fire of the Holy Spirit burn bright in you
And fight the good fight of faith.
So let us be a faithful woman or man
And in Christ Jesus take a stand.
And when the work on earth is done,
He will reward us one by one.



A beautiful, glowing gem and a woman of great value mother 

Her love for her family and her love for her friends, 

It’s like her love has no end and that’s my mother!

Her devotion to church and to her Lord,

No one will cause her to lose her reward. 

That’s my mother!

Faithful, loving, true and kind is this sweet dear mother of mine.

Strength and wisdom is what she possesses, friends l am telling you my mother’s the best!

These words I penned may bring a tear because our loved ones may not be here.

So these words maybe weighty and true about this woman of God I’m introducing to you.  

My mother!

For some, your mothers may not be here physically,

But the memories linger in your hearts and minds

And they will never be forgotten. 

May God continue to bless and keep your mothers always.