Don’t Lose Hope for Your Marriage!
Marriage is not easy sometimes. That’s true for all of us, right? 

God gave men and women different personalities, distinct communication styles, and unique struggles. And in some households, serious marital problems develop, which can be intense and painful.

You know full well that some hurts can cut deep and last a long time. Infidelity, pornography, abuse, neglect, and mental health issues can cause a lot of pain. When someone you love causes that kind of heartache or is struggling with those circumstances, it can leave you miserable and hopeless. 

That’s why the Marriage Team at Focus on the Family created “Finding Hope for Your Hurting Marriage,” a FREE, 6-part video series featuring best-selling author and marriage and family counselor Dr. Gary Chapman, who shows you how to love your spouse when you feel like walking away

In each session, you’ll get Dr. Chapman’s expert relationship insights about dealing with heavy-duty issues in marriage and how your emotional needs dictate how you act.

He teaches you how to recognize and reject marriage myths, take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings, and make choices that can have a positive impact on your spouse. 

If your spouse is controlling, absent, abusive, depressed, unfaithful, or grappling with addiction, Dr. Chapman will speak to your situation in this series.

Check out the topics for each video:

Video #1: “Living in Reality”
Video #2: “How Our Emotional Needs Drive Behavior”
Video #3: “The Depressed Spouse”
Video #4: “The Controlling Spouse”
Video #5: “The Physically Abusive Spouse”
Video #6: “The Unfaithful Spouse

After each episode, you’ll see some of our most helpful articles, books, and aggregated resources — handpicked by the Marriage Team at Focus

Your marriage — no matter what state it’s in — is important to us. We want to come alongside you and point you to the people and resources that can help. 

Sign up and get ready to learn from one of the premier marriage and family experts in the country — Dr. Gary Chapman.  

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May God bless you and your spouse,

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