CMM2 CMM1 CMM3Calvary’s Media Ministry (CMM)

Mission Statement

As our church celebrates 50 years of ministry we find ourselves uniquely blessed with the vital resource of technology. Combining a team of gifted media professionals and volunteers, new opportunities abound in audio, video, multimedia presentation, and lighting enhancement.

With a mission to involve every participant in all aspects of our worship services, CBC’s Media Ministry serves our diverse congregation by bringing them seamlessly into the worship experience. Professional audio enhancement, video and graphic design, and controllable lighting help to bring worship off the platform and into every seat in the sanctuary.

Technology is not used to overpower the spirit of worship but rather to create intimacy and immediacy by providing the greatest access to participating worshipers in every service. These tremendous resources give worshipers a greater opportunity to feel more connected, to worship authentically, and to more fully experience God.

For more information about audio, video, Multimedia, and lighting resources at CBC, please contact Nathan Sawyer, Media Technologies Director, at (242) 326-0800 or email Nathan at


To glorify the Triune God through the combined use of spiritual gifts and technological skills.


As we move forward in the enhancement of various church ministries and begin to impact Sunday School & Junior Church with the use of media, we are looking for individuals willing to work along with these ministries. Their job would be to assist with the use of multimedia in order to have a greater impact on the children being ministered to. This will also require some additional equipment so donations toward their purchase are appreciated.


1) To assure that the presentation of the Gospel in all of its audible forms is heard clearly and without distortion so that the message presented is the message received.
2) To further the gospel thru the enhancement of other key ministries of CBC,
3) To make electronic media integral to the life of the church,
4) To establish a standard for excellence through production in first worship and then education,
5) To equip other ministries to create their own electronic media for ministry

Ministries Assisted

Praise and Worship Ministries
1) CBC Multigenerational Choir
2) CBC Praise Team
3) CBC Musicians & Vocalists
4) ‘Hypostatic’  Band

Preaching Ministries
1) Pastoral Board
2) Guest Speakers
3) Conferences

1) CrossTrainers
2) Radio Broadcasts
3) Nursery
4) Ushers
5) Parking Lot Attendants
6) Visitation Ministries
7) Youth Ministries
8) Sunday School Classes


1) Members with Skills in the Following
a. Administration
b. Video Experience (Recording)
c. Audio Experience (Recording)
d. Teaching
e. Editing audio / video
f. Discipling
g. Lighting
h. Duplicating
i. Graphic Design

2) Members with the Gifts of
a. Helps
b. Administration
c. Giving

3) Members who have a willingness
a. to serve
b. to be trained
c. to get along with others
d. to make themselves available