The wonderful Holy Spirit of God is Spiritual Auto-Correct for each Christian.

He indwells each true born-again believer to assist in the glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 16:12-14)

Typically, the Holy Spirit’s ministry is to control speech and conduct (Ephesians 5:18; Galatians 5:16-25) in such a way that there is auto-correction taking place all of the time.

It is the believer’s moment-to-moment responsibility to pay attention to the indwelling Holy Spirit’s auto-corrects.

As a preacher I was both challenged and encouraged
to hear a very well-known preacher begin to make a statement in a sermon and then to stop and then to pause  and then to say: “I best not go there. I won’t say anything more on that”.

Auto-Correction. Holy Spirit-Correction. Edification. Glorification of Christ Jesus.

That was a case where auto-correction didn’t leave a silly result but rather it most certainly left a Christ-honouring result.

Pay attention to your auto-correct Agent: The indwelling God the Holy Spirit.


Earle WeechPastor Earle Weech is the respected & beloved founding Pastor of the Calvary Bible Church.

He was a man of conviction.

A conviction is a belief rooted in Scripture.

Conviction is different than an opinion.

An opinion is merely a preference.

I wouldn’t necessarily cross the street for my preferences; but I would die for my convictions.

The conviction which Pastor Weech came to was that the New Testament teaches that once a person is saved, they are always saved. (John 10:27-30).

This was a particularly challenging & risky conviction for Pastor Weech to arrive at, because he was the successful pastor of a church that believed that persons can lose their salvation.

What was he to do, given his fresh conviction?

Based on his changed conviction, Pastor Weech did the courageous and the right thing of resigning that church!

He walked away rather than standing for something he no longer believed in based on his study of the Scriptures.

And this was how he was used mightily of God to found the Calvary Bible Church!

So it is with convictions: They can be both risky & destiny-shaping!

What are some of your convictions?

How about discussing them with your spouse and kids?