Sunday School


Meeting the needs of the congregation and assisting the church in fulfilling its purpose and mission by administering the spiritual educational programs of the church.

Acting with efficiency by giving careful attention to the functions of administration, keeping in mind that the word administration has in it the word ‘minister’ which means to serve.  Such administration is to include: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Evaluating.


To glorify God through the effective, clear communication of  His Word, resulting in a Biblically literate people.


”…teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ”.- Col.1:28


[1] Communion – with God; [2] Character – displaying God; [3] Community – sharing God; [4] Commission – presenting God



Lifeway Bible Studies for Life: The goal of the curriculum is to fuel spiritual desire by exalting the greatness & worth of God and His glorious work through Jesus Christ who alone saves and satisfies.


Lifeway Bible Studies for Life: Students helps you connect the unconnected students in your ministry. It will develop students based on a discipleship framework that helps them know Christ, become contributing servants in the community of faith, and engage their culture. This study will also help you strengthen families in your church by equipping parents to have spiritual conversations with their students.


The objective of this class is provide practical teaching from the Word of God in an interactive setting that would enable and encourage believers to consistently apply God’s Word in a relevant way to the circumstances of their everyday lives. Classes taught by Pastor Randy Pearce and Sir Brian Moree.