Resumption of Corporate Worship Services

To: The CBC Congregation
From: The Elders & Deacons Boards

Dear family of the Incredible Body of Christ of Calvary Bible Church, we trust that you are all well by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The combined leadership of CBC, in keeping with our commitment to you, wish to advise you of the imminent plans for us to resume corporate worship on October 18th, 2020 @ 10:30AM.

In preparation for our resumption of services, we advise that we have taken the following preparatory steps in compliance with the established government protocols and to ensure our collective safety to the greatest extent possible.

We will be implementing the following protocols for the upcoming service, namely:

1. Wearing of appropriate face coverings (over nose and mouth) prior to entering church premises and for the duration of the corporate worship (including the times of singing). (Services will not to exceed 1 hour). Please note that the platform worship leaders will be unmasked as is appropriate, while observing the physical distancing protocols.

2. Hand sanitization upon entry (& exit) of the church premises (administered by ushers and/or at the sanitizing stations).

3. Maintenance of physical distancing protocols including compliance with seating assignments as directed by the ushers.

4. Persons aged 65 years and older or those with comorbidity conditions will be able to personally choose whether or not they attend in-sanctuary worship services. Please remember that certain medical risks arise should persons 65 years and older choose to attend.

We fully understand that some persons in this age range will choose not to attend in favour of staying home. It is a very personal choice what to do. Each person needs to be comfortable in what they decide to do. We support both the choice to attend and the choice not to do so.

5. Since every person must wear a mask at all times and since children 2 years old and under are not to wear masks for health and safety reasons (the Government protocol), children 2 years old and under are not permitted to be in attendance. No nursery will be provided.

6. All children old enough to wear masks must do so at all times. These children must be carefully accompanied & supervised by their parents or guardians at all times. This includes necessary visits to the bathrooms.

7. Use of the Earle Weech Auditorium (EWA) for overflow worship service viewing.

8. Prompt dispersal following the corporate worship service, avoiding the congregation of large groups, being mindful of safe/social/physical distancing as service attendees return to their vehicles.

9. The live or pre-recorded streams on the internet will continue to be provided for viewers who do not attend the in-sanctuary worship.

In order to assist in this process, please note that:

– A full professional cleaning and sanitization of the entire church premises will be conducted prior to each in-sanctuary or EWA overflow worship service. This service is extremely expensive but necessary for all attendee’s safety.

– Appropriate signage has been posted for ease of direction.

– Hand sanitizing stations have been erected throughout the church premises.

– Ushers will open the doors.

– Ushers will present the offering bag to attendees to reduce high contact surfaces.

– Dismissal will be directed and gradual.

We believe that it is God’s will that we resume regular
corporate worship. Pray for each other as we lovingly and
carefully prepare to gather in worship as His redeemed ones
once again.

Your Elders and your Deacons
Ephesians 4:1-6