No C20150201_170422-e1431403421236-191x300-1hild Hungry or Homeless

Delano and Marcia Higgs are committed to serving Christ by serving hungry and homeless children. Their motto is “No child hungry or homeless.” They are not affluent or materially blessed in any way, but they unselfishly and unhesitatingly give what they have to provide breakfast for needy students and open their homes to neglected and/or abandoned children. In addition, Delano, a recovered addict, with a criminal record, balanced by his amazing successes in completing various recovery programs, which resulted in him actually becoming a counsellor or leader of most of them when completed, provides ongoing counselling to drug and alcohol addicts, to whom he always makes himself available.He and Marcia provide, prepare and serve breakfast to needy students to two public schools and are seeking to increase both the number of days and the number of schools as soon as funds become available. A healthy breakfast is prepared: eggs, grits, tuna, corned beef and sausage. The need is approximately $200 per week. 2013-02-05_08-22-57_154-e1431403540935

In addition, the Higgs open their home to children who are being neglected by parents or who have simply stopped caring for them and readily give them up to be cared for by others. The Higgs show love for these children and provide shelter, food and ongoing personal guidance for these children. They have connected with Urban Renewal and The Police Department to enroll the kids into the Music and Marching Band activities.


Approximately $150.00 per month is needed to assist with providing food and other items for caring for kids taken into the Higgs’ home.
It’s really a miracle in the way Delano and Marcia are able to crowd these kids into their little car and take time to band practice, church services and other related events. The kids learn discipline and learn how to build a Christian character as modeled by the Higgs on a daily, ongoing basis. An immediate need is a minivan or 15-30 seat bus, new or used – in good condition!
We are seeking $12,000.00 to help meet this need. In summary, we covet your partnership in helping us to obtain funds as follows:
$2,400.00 to provide breakfast to needy students for ONE year.
$1,800.00 to provide food and other items for caring for kids taken into the Higgs’ home.
$12,000.00 to provide a used van/bus to transport kids to band practices, church services and other related activities.