This is a gorgeous stone wall & archway in Eleuthera.

It’s sure didn’t get there by random chance!

It was designed to be both functional & beautiful.

Christian, God has made and remade you to be both functional & beautiful too!

In Psalm 139:14 it is assured that:
“I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made … “.

So you are PHYSICALLY- designed: Your body
functions .

But you are also MINISTRY-designed!

Ephesians 2:10:
“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before hand, that we should walk in them.”

The Greek word which is translated into the English word “workmanship” is POEMA. We get our English word “poem” from this Greek word.

As no two poems are the same, the specific good works which God has ordained for each of us to do are utterly unique to each of us!

Remember: God has designed you both to function and to minister to His glory.

That makes you a one-of-kind design!  

Really it’s not your designer jeans that are important, it’s your designer YOU which is most important!


A British newspaper recently published some set & secret plans for Great Britain after Queen Elizabeth II dies. Currently she is well on in years.

Part of that once quiet and un-publicized (and some would say morbid) plan is to issue these three postage stamps.

It is not morbid to plan for the time after ourselves.

It is helpful to have life insurance and a last will and testament etc.

Even better, it is excellent to have lived in such a way that you have passed on (1) your saving faith in Christ and (2) your love for & commitment to Christ’s Church to your family members & friends who will survive you!

Plus, living daily with intentional kindness, grace, justice, generosity, worship & prayerfulness will leave a God-honoring legacy far more valuable than money and the things which money can buy!

With the Psalmist Moses, let us each pray:

“So teach us to number our days, that we may present to Thee a heart of wisdom.”

You won’t live forever, on earth at least, plan now for the time after you!


These are Paul and Denise Worrell’s sheep and lamb.

That’s their chickens’ water bucket over the young one’s head!

Rescue occurred in time.

The Lord calls us His sheep. And He knows that we are ever-prone to wander away from Him into trouble! (Isaiah 53:6)

We are truly very blessed that the Lord Jesus is our Good Shepherd! 24/7. 365/y. (Psalm 23)

He will not see you starve or continue to look foolish.

He’s not only our Good Shepherd; He’s our perfect Shepherd!

Praise Him for His care for you!

Good Night

This gentleman is about to have a medical sleep study.
I can’t imagine falling or staying asleep with all that get up.
Sleep is a wonderful restorative blessing from God.
But just like this young man will probably be inhibited by all that which is attached to him for the sleep study, we can leave fears and anxieties and the desire to be in control and the refusal to forgive glued to us at bedtime!

Psalm 4:8 is a wonderful reminder!
“I will both lie down in peace and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

Rest & sleep in more than your bed each night. Rest & sleep in the peace which the perfect love and care of God for you give to you. Good Night. Every Night.


Would you sleep overnight HERE? I wouldn’t! No possible way!
Steel Pegs & Ropes & Knots CAN & sometimes DO fail!
In this “camp site”, one fail means Funeral Home!
Back in the times of the Bible, some persons trusted in things, which compared with God, were shaky: “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”  (Psalm 20:7 ESV)
Are you trusting in anything shaky, more than in your God? Perhaps a job or an investment or a government or a person?
Best to move your trust from a shaky campsite to a sure Creator/Saviour!
You’ll sleep a whole lot better!

God’s Care

This WeekThis is a random week as found in my trusty Day-Timer.

I’m old-school. I have an iPhone but I prefer to use my Day-Timer to keep track of my appointments and deadlines.

I find it extremely encouraging that my God cared for me and for all of my contacts within every single commitment of that particular week!

God also cared for me in all of the unexpected situations of that week.

There was never a second when I was outside of God’s loving care.

So it is for you!
We may make ourselves too busy for God but our busyness will never weary God’s care for us.

Psalm 139:1-5 describes this kind of care by God.

Why don’t you check out these verses? It will do you good!


ShoelacesHow did this young gentleman come to do this kind gesture?
The thought was parent-installed; most likely daddy-installed.
Psalm 127 calls children “a gift”, “the fruit of the womb” & “arrows”.
Why are children like arrows?
They can be shot to go beyond their parents (the archers).
They can be aimed at the target of their parents values, priorities, worldview & faith.
Aim your arrows well.


TomatoesThis looks like my kind of lunch!
The seeds were hard for me to swallow.

Fortunately, my grandfather Witherspoon coaxed me on by assuring me that the flavour was mostly  in the seed parts which I wanted to avoid.
Since then I have eaten untold numbers of tomatoes!


And they have not only tasted great, they have also helped my health.

Tomatoes are a Functional Food. They go beyond nutrition to preventing chronic disease and to delivering several health benefits.

Yet only 200 years ago they were thought to be poisonous! (They got a bad rap from the family of vines of which they are a part!)

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins A & C; Folic Acid & Anti-Oxidants.

They can help ward off cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression.

I had to taste and see that tomatoes are good!

The Psalmist David tells us:
“O taste and see that the Lord is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him”!
                                                        (Psalm 34:8)

Choose to take your refuge in your God. Taste and see. The benefits to you will be many!


ShepherdThis shepherd is tenderly sheering the wool off of his sheep. And his sheep is not fighting him.
This sheering does not merely harvest wool for the market; it saves the sheep’s life. Too much wool can cause a sheep to flip onto its back and then be stuck in that position and eventually choke to death. Such a flipped over sheep is said to be downcast.
Jesus Christ is our loving & caring Good Shepherd.
“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”
Appreciate His care for you and don’t fight him!

Sleep Sound in Jesus

Tree & SunWe had a very gentle and steady rain throughout the night here in Nassau. It was much needed.

While we slept, God gave. We did not work and we could not work for rain. The Lord gave it.
It’s called common grace. It comes from the supremely uncommon God.

“It is vain for you to rise up early, to retire late, to eat the bread of painful labors; for He gives to his beloved even in his sleep.”
(Psalm 127:2)