Youth Ministry

Sunday School (Sundays @ 9:30am)

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Lifeway Bible Studies for Life: Students helps you connect the unconnected students in your ministry. It will develop students based on a discipleship framework that helps them know Christ, become contributing servants in the community of faith, and engage their culture. This study will also help you strengthen families in your church by equipping parents to have spiritual conversations with their students.


Ignition (Fridays @ 7:00pm)

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“Ignition” is our Friday night ministry for teens. This is where teens in grades 7-12 can come to feel accepted regardless of race, class, and school they may attend. This is a time of fellowship around God's Word, food, games, and small groups.  Our goal is to build a community of young believers that will win The Bahamas for Christ.


S.L.A.M. Bible Study (2nd & 4th Sundays @ 6:30pm)

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Through experienced youth communicators and creative video “sparks” that challenge the thinking of students, Fuel2 guides youth in knowing what they believe. Through a systematic, yet highly innovative study, students will be able to articulate and apply the key doctrines of the faith. Fuel2 asks 96 key doctrinal questions from the nature of God to the doctrine of end times. This series supports the OWN portion of the LifeWay strategy for student development.