November 5th, 2018

Praise Matters
• Laura Lowe is doing well after cataract surgery. • Michelle Ferguson is recuperating well. • Leslie Roberts is back home recuperating well after surgery in Florida.  • Rosemarie Saunders is out of the hospital & recuperating at home.
Prayer Matters

• Yvana McDonald is undergoing medical tests in the US. • Euricka Watson (Staria Saunders’ mom) is scheduled for heart surgery on Nov. 15th. • Natasha Andrews is scheduled for surgery on Nov. 12th. She is in need of blood. You may make donations in her name at PMH between  Nov. 5th & 12th. • Diana Pinder is recuperating at home. Pray for health issues.

• Pastor Willie Pinder whose wife, Julieanna Pinder, passed away on Sunday. • The family of Angela Pinder (formerly of CBC) who passed away in Spanish Wells on Oct. 31st. • Lindsy Pinder & family in the loss of his niece-in-law, Helen Pinder, on Oct. 31st.

Being treated for cancer

Toni Lewis, Latesha Dames, Judy Penn-Robinson, Mrs. Riley, Maria Sturt, Rochelle McCabe,  Yoges Wari.

Continuing Prayer Matters
• Jennie Sawyer is  not doing too well. • Cyril Culmer (Betty Allen’s brother) is still having health issues. • Wil Knake is still experiencing quite a bit of pain. • Bursell Bradshaw is anticipating cataract surgery soon. • Lillian Cash(Margaret Sawyer’s daughter)recuperating. • Ann Russell is recuperating at home. • Doreen Major is still having some health issues. • Terrance Kelly Jr. is undergoing a new medical procedure.  • Edion Leo Stuart (Rodney’s brother) having serious eye  issues.  • Jan Sawyer still having discomfort from back issues. • Greg Strachan is recuperating after surgery in Florida. • Debbie Lowe is still recuperating after knee surgery. • Vincent McDonald Jr.(VJ) that he has no further loss of sight. • Teleios Theological Training Institute.  • Financial support & a positive response from clients at CCC. • Our Students at home and abroad.
Sick & Shut-In

Our Shut-Ins:

Cynthia Bain, Pleasant Butler, Pastor Ed Godet,  Terry Johnson, Sylvia Price, Jennie Sawyer, John Smith, Violet Weech.

Our Sick:

Hugh & Betty Antonio, Terrence Antonio, Maxine Archer, Rochelle Archer, Margaret Bailey, Ruth Beverly (Priscilla Sands’ mom), Peggy Bryan, Stanley Burrows, Kim Cambridge, Carlyle & Alice Cartwright, Cleophas Cooper, Ceotti Cooper,  Ilene Curry, Vangie Delmonte,  Doris Fitzgerald, Gloria Francis, Wil Knake, John Geene (Wil Knake’s brother), Mercie Geene, Jane (Wil Knake’s sister), Angelo, (Wil’s son-in-law), Malene Huyler, Donnie Johnson (Jennie Sawyer’s cousin), Eulese Johnson,  Terrence Kelly Jr., Chappy Knowles, Zion Knowles, Lauren Lowe, Isaac McKenzie,  Thelma Moree, Norma Neilly, Leanora Peters, Gertrude Phillips, Aslene St. Remy, Calvin St. Remy, Pamela Roberts, Rosie Roberts, Sylvia Roker, Wendell & Angela Sands, Charles Smith, Dr. Sidney Sweeting, Mike Wall (Canada), Allan Wells.
Church Leadership
• Pastors: Robert Elliott/Sr. Pastor-teacher, Jerry Sawyer/Chairman, Frederick Arnett, Tommy Albury, Roland Bryan, Clinton Cartwright, Erold Farquharson, Wenly Fowler, Ron Springle, Paul Worrell.
• Youth Pastor: Nicholas Rogers
• Minister of Music: Anthone Wallace
• Sr. Pastor Emeritus: Allan R. Lee
• Deacons: Charles Albury/Chairman, Elwood Bonimy, Jeff Darville, Kirk Deleveaux, Nathaniel Edgecombe, Drew Fowler, Wilfred Jack, Craig Knowles, Paul Lowe, Steve Lowe, Montgomery Miller, Randy Pearce, Michael Roker, Rodney Stuart.
• The Association: Brian Moree/Chairman, Allan Albury, Charlie Albury, David Albury, Tommy Albury, Frederick Arnett, Bateman Bain, Tillman Bethel, Roland Bryan,  Clinton Cartwright,  Nathaniel Edgecombe, Richard Evans,  Wenly Fowler,  Dave Hamilton, Wilfred Jack Jr., Terry Johnson, Stephen Lowe, Isaac McKenzie, Basil Miller,  Randy Pearce, Lindsy Pinder, Leslie Roberts, Wendell Sands, Jerry Sawyer, Ron Springle, Gregory Sweeting,  Michael Symonette, Craig Walkine.
Our Ministries
AIDS Ministry; Crosstrainers; CARE Kitchen; CBC United Choir, Christian Ed., Christian Counselling Centre; Conciliation Ministry; Deaf Ministry; Discovery Groups; Drama Ministry; Friends Through Love; Greeters/Ushers; Junior Church; Media Ministry; Men’s Ministry; Mini-Churches; Nursery; Operation Inasmuch; Praise Team; Prison Ministry; Radio Ministry; Singles Ministry; Soloists; Teen Ministries; Vacation Bible School; Widows Ministry; Willing Hearts & Hands; Women’s Ministries; Young Adults Ministry.