CBC Pastoral Board’s Five Points To Spiritual Maturity
Praying • Evangelizing • Teaching • Mentoring • Going
1. Prayer
One Year
Establish Monthly CORPORATE Prayer Meeting
Establish Monthly JOINT BOARD (DEACONS AND PASTORS) Prayer Time
Conduct Annual Prayer Walk In Mason’s Addition
Adopt a prayer Curriculum and assist assembly in establishing prayer discipline
Three Year
Have ability to take prayer requests off of website / CCB
Conduct Annual Prayer Emphasis Week
2. Evangelism
One Year
Have 25% or more of CBC assembly sharing the Gospel at least once per month commencing with a walk through in Mason’s addition and surrounding areas in January 2018
Having Gospel Tracts available in Foyer, Pew Racks and on the CBC website
Conducting 4 or more evangelistic outreaches to our neighbours annually
Three Year
Having 75% or more of CBC assembly sharing the Gospel at least once per month
Conducting annual Evangelism Emphasis Seminar/Rally
Having 50% of growth attributed to Personal Evangelizing efforts
3. Teaching
One Year
Review all current Bible Teaching Curricula by April 2018
Plan a New Members class every three months
Offer Believer’s Baptism every three months
Establish an annual Ordination Class
Train or Retrain all Teachers (start 2018 and complete 2019)
Ordain at least seven men from within CBC within three years
Establish a Teacher Training Emphasis Week
Plan annual Continuing Education for all Pastors and staff
Five Year
Plan an annual Christian Apologetics Emphasis week
4. Mentoring (Believers to grow through Authenticity, Accountability, Prayer and Encouragement)
One Year
Plan logistics/Curricula for mentoring
Mentor at least 10% of the membership within a year
Three Year
Evaluate past mentoring
50% of CBC assembly involved in a mentoring relationship
Conduct an annual Mentoring Emphasis week
5. Going
One Year
Evaluate recent missions conferences
Maintain provision of Annual Missions Conference
Have a Monthly Missions Profile of a supported Missionary
Three Year
Allocate at least 20 -25% of Church Budget to Missions
At least one single or couple from within CBC sent to minister across cultural barriers (foreign or domestic)